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'Hold On Now, Youngster...' and 'We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed' to be remastered and repressed

It is our great pleasure to share 2 bits of exciting news with you. 

First off, unbelievably, 2018 is the 10 year anniversary of the release of our first two albums, Hold On Now, Youngster… and We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.

To celebrate our all being ten years closer to the end, both albums have been remastered and repressed on vinyl. 

Hold On Now, Youngster… is seeing the deluxe treatment, with an accompanying second slice of vinyl featuring all the b-sides, covers and EP tracks from that era. There’s also an alternative version of the album, coming with updated artwork from Rob Campesinos! and limited to only 500 copies worldwide.

We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed has never been released on vinyl outside of North America before, but it is now! And those of you in NA will have a second chance to pick it up if you missed out a decade ago.

You can pick up your copy of any or all from our webstore and view the full tracklisting for both releases below.

All of these will be released on October 12th 2018, with the albums also available on CD and download.

What’s more, we’ll be celebrating the reissues with a very special gig…

O2 Forum Poster WEB.jpeg

On Saturday October 13th we’ll be playing our biggest ever UK headline show at the O2 Forum, London. MISERABILIA, as we’re calling it, will be unlike any Los Camp! gig before as we’ll be playing two sets, supporting ourselves. 

The first set will be made up solely of songs from the above mentioned albums (plus maybe some other tracks from the time…) and then once we’ve towelled down and sprayed on some deodorant we’ll be back out on stage again to play another set, made up of the rest of our catalogue from the past decade of being the UK’s premiere DIY/punk/emo (delete as applicable) band.

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We would absolutely love to see you there.